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Welcome to the RM of Mervin No. 499

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of municipal services for the benefit of our ratepayers and organized and un-organized hamlets.

We accomplish our mission by ensuring we have a strong, effective staff and council governing the municipality and setting the strategic direction to keep our municipality viable now and in the future.

Plastic Grain Bag Recycling

The RM of Mervin is extending its waste disposal and recycling program to agricultural grain producers.  The RM has a tentative agreement with Cleanfarms to pilot a voluntary program to recycle plastic grain bags from this area.

Cleanfarms is an established agricultural waste disposal and recycling company with extensive operations across Western Canada. Visit for more information.

The RM of Mervin is encouraging all grain producers in the area using plastic for grain storage to participate in the grain bag recycle program. The RM will make a grain bag roller available at no cost but with an equipment deposit, to roll and tie plastic grain bags so they will be eligible for recycling. Participating grain producers will be responsible for delivering the rolled and tied grain bags to the RM’s Brightsand Transfer Site at a time and date determined by the RM in consultation with Cleanfarms.  The producers will be met at the Brightsand Transfer Site by Cleanfarms representatives who will load the rolls onto waiting trucks for immediate transport to their recycling facilities.

At this time, the plan is to have participating grain producers deliver their rolled grain bags to the Brightsand Transfer Site on two specified days each year. The rolled bags will have to be securely wrapped and tied, relatively clean and free of wood and metal. Any rolls that do not meet Cleanfarms requirements for safe transport or recycling will not be accepted and the producer will be required to remove them from the transfer site. This plan may change depending on the number of grain producers participating and the number of grain bags to be recycled.

Once all the requirements for producer participation, bag wrapper use, bookings, delivery scheduling etc. are finalized, the information will be released to all participating grain producers.

If you wish to participate and enroll in this program, want to have input, seek clarification, or have any questions please call or email.


David Krywchuk

Phone:  306-392-9044


Pop Can Tab Collection for Childhood Cancer

The RM of Mervin will be a drop off spot for the tabs for individuals wishing to participate in the Pop Can Tab Fundraiser.

Tab Collection Poster 2021-1

Click Link for information on Job Recruitment for the 2021 Census

Census Recruitment poster 2021


Submission from Nik Matvenko:
“Growing up just minutes from this road (Kivimaa beach) it holds a lot of great memories to me. My grandfather (Charlie Kivimaa) previously owned a piece of land across from Eaket’s pasture. Where we would spend countless hours gathering fire wood. It was my main biking trail to visit my buddies the (Mitchell bro’s). I worked from age 13 till my graduation for Keith Mitchell(rooster) at blueberry. We would pick rocks in a pasture by hand along this very same road! We even cleared a fire guard along this road cutting trees piling them up and burning them. Rooster showed me the feeling of putting in a day of good honest hard work. Rooster has been a huge part of this area/community for over 35 years. I feel this road would best take on the name “rooster road” Thanks for the opportunity to honour a legend.”


Congratulations Nik on your winning entry. The RM will be ordering a sign to place at the road turnoff, we will notify you when the sign is up. You can also stop by the office to claim your reward for your winning entry. 😀


RM of Mervin Office is open to the Public 

Masks Mandatory as per Provincial Health Order.

There will be a maximum of 2 people permitted in at a time. If there are already 2 people in, please wait outside at least 6 feet from the door.

COVID 19 – Do not Enter if Sick

In response to COVID-19, the R.M. of Mervin has instituted precautionary measures to help ensure the safety of our staff and ratepayers. In conjunction with announcements from the Provincial Government, the R.M. has implemented the following safety measures:

  • Staff have increased cleaning and sanitizing of the offices, including counters, doors, and anything else you would come in contact with.
  • The Council is not accepting any delegations to future council meetings until further notice.
  • When visiting the R.M. of Mervin Transfer Site, please do not get out of your vehicle to pay the Attendant. The Transfer Site office is closed to the public. The Attendant will come to your vehicle window for payment.

The RM of Mervin Council and Administration will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and update the public regarding changes as required. We appreciate your understanding of these measures taken at this time.