Welcome to the RM of Mervin No. 499

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of municipal services for the benefit of our ratepayers and organized and un-organized hamlets.

We accomplish our mission by ensuring we have a strong, effective staff and council governing the municipality and setting the strategic direction to keep our municipality viable now and in the future.

You’re Invited

What: Public Engagement Session Regarding Future Development at Turtle Lake

When: Saturday, July 20th from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Where: Dexter Hall, located on Grid Road 795 north of Kivimaa-Moonlight Bay

The R.M. of Mervin No. 499 is providing a Public Engagement Session for all interested ratepayers and parties regarding future development proposals around Turtle Lake. The RM Council is currently considering applications for rezoning into Lakeshore Development Districts and Commercial Districts to accommodate the proposals. Please note that no rezoning amendments have been drafted for any of these applications.

The Call for Proposal procedure requires Developers to present their development proposals to the public, which will be held on July 20th as noted above. This will be a Public Engagement Session where ratepayers are invited to attend and ask questions directly to the Developers and then provide feedback to the R.M. of Mervin. Interested parties are encouraged to hold all questions about the development proposals until the Public Engagement Session to speak with the Developers directly. The Developers will be on hand for the duration of the Engagement Session to discuss their proposals and answer any questions related to them.

The Proposed locations for development being reviewed at the Engagement Session include:

SW 11-53-19-W3 – South of All Season’s Resort
NW 14-53-19-W3 – Parcel A – North of Powm Beach
SW 23-53-19-W3 – North & South of Turtle Cove
LSD 13 & 14-52-19-W3 – Between Turtle Lake South Bay & Kopp’s Kove

There will be forms available at the Public Engagement Session for providing feedback and written comments about the proposals. These comments will be considered by the R.M. of Mervin Council prior to any further review of the proposed development applications.

The R.M of Mervin would like to advise all ratepayers that the public works staff is doing the very best they can to start and complete all projects and maintenance work in a timely manner. However, due to excessive rain and moisture conditions road projects and road maintenance has been challenging for public works staff to complete.  We thank all ratepayers for your patience and understanding during this time.


Currently no fire ban in effect for the R.M. of Mervin

For information on the updated Zoning Bylaw 94-4, also known as the RV Bylaw.

Please see the below link that will take you to the RV FAQ’s, permit forms and a copy of the Zoning Bylaw 94-4.

RV Development Permit & MoU