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Gopher Control Program

The Gopher Control Program (GCP) is designed to encourage pest management practices that incorporate a variety of strategies such as rodenticides along with the inclusion of raptor platforms and nest boxes used near gopher colonies.

SARM is administering a 50:50 cost-share rebate program to rural municipalities and First Nations, south of the Northern Administrative District, and through RMs and FNs, other stakeholders with costs to control Ground squirrels ((Richardson’s, Franklin’s, and thirteen-lined) and Northern pocket gopher) populations. Funding for rebates under the GCP is $750,000.

The deadline to claim under the 2024-25 GCP is July 31, 2024

Program Guideline

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 Invasive Plant Control Program

The purpose of the Invasive Plant Control Program (IPCP) is to provide financial assistance to rural municipalities (RMs), First Nations (FNs) south of the Northern Administrative District, and other stakeholders through their respective RMs and FNs, with costs to undertake and coordinate the control of prohibited weeds as well as specific noxious weeds that are persistent and problematic invasive plants.

SARM will administer a 50:50 cost-share rebate program in the amount of $856,000 to assist with costs to control all prohibited weeds and eligible herbicide costs to control a limited number of noxious weeds of high concern designated under The Weed Control Act.

RMs and FNs are eligible to claim for RM appointed or FN authorized Weed Inspector expenses related to prohibited and noxious weed monitoring in their jurisdictions.

The deadline to claim under the 2024-25 IPCP is October 31, 2024

Program Guidelines

Guide to Crop Protection 

Crown Land Pature Association Invasive Weed Program