Lakeshore Development District

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Please be advised that the RM of Mervin has reached 75% of completed residential development within the Lakeshore Development District around Turtle Lake.

Developmental Percentage

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Description:   Within the Lakeshore Development and Country Residential districts, the RM of Mervin has a development policy that regulates when additional lands can be subdivided.  Each of the districts require that the developmental rates reach 75% completed residential construction before Council will entertain any new rezoning into that zoning district.

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“Completed”:   The RM of Mervin considers the term “completed residential development” to be when SAMA has completed an assessment for the dwelling on the site.

Current Percent:
Turtle Lake – Lakeshore Development Percentage: 75%      
Bright Sand – Lakeshore Development Percentage: 47%
Country Residential District: 70.6%

Lakeshore Development – Shorelines