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Development Appeals Board (DAB)

The DAB is an objective Board appointed by the RM of Mervin Council to hear development permit cases that have been refused by the RM of Mervin Development Officer.

Discretionary Uses:  Any refused discretionary use listed within the RM of Mervin Zoning Bylaw No. 94-4 cannot be appealed to the DAB as per section 219 of the Planning and Development Act, 2007.

Procedure: Upon receipt of the signed Notice of Decision, if the situation warrants an appeal the individual has 30 days to appeal their refusal to the DAB Secretary, accompanied by a $300.00 appeal fee.  The applicant must state the reasons for the appeal, summarize the supporting facts for each reason and indicate the relief sought by the appeal.

Fees:  To appeal to the DAB, all applications must include a $300.00 fee to begin the appeal process.  Should the fee not be included within the submission, the appeal is not valid and the process will not be started.

Further Appeal:   If any party within the individual appeal dislikes the decision of the local DAB, the decision can be appealed within 30 days to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board (SMB) which is a provincial appointed appeal board.


Saskatchewan Municipal Board: