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Call For Proposals


The submission requirements for the Call for Proposals are outlined below. Please note that there are five (5) application stages. Scroll down for a brief summary on each stage or you can select the below link for a more detailed description of each stage.

LD Call For Proposals Requirements

Stage One: Initial Submission of Plan of Proposed Subdivision Concept

The first stage is for development concepts to be described and basic information provided which is then reviewed by the Development Officer to ensure compliance with municipal bylaws. The RM provided written requirements for the submissions.

See below link for a copy of the Call For Proposals that was sent out in 2018:
Call for Proposals 2018

The R.M. of Mervin Council received 9 submissions:
5 were removed from consideration
4 submissions have continued on to Stage two

Stage One Complete

STAGE TWO: Review of Proposals by Council

The second stage consists of review by the RM Council to select the most innovative proposal that enhances the quality and experience of lakeshore development in the municipality.  Within this stage, applications may be required to provide detailed information pertaining to engineering strategies (wastewater, potable water, drainage, etc.), natural and heritage resources, hazard lands (such as flood prone areas), landscape design, architectural concepts, etc. Please note it is possible that the specific location or nature of an initial concept proposal may trigger a need for additional technical information that wasn’t foreseen because of an unknown significant hazard or resource conflict.  The submission of any of this additional information shall not be construed as approval for a subdivision, and shall be entirely at the cost of the applicant.

STAGE THREE: Provincial Submission and Review

The third stage requires the formal submission of the Plan of Proposed Subdivision into the Community Planning Branch.  At this time, formal review by Community Planning will be completed, and subsequent referrals to all other applicable government ministries.  Proposals that incorporate shoreline alterations may be required to submit permits into government agencies to ensure viability of implementation strategies prior to the fourth stage.  It should be noted that new information provided to Council by provincial agencies may result in the denial of the subdivision application.  Should this occur, Council may encourage other applicants to submit their concept plan into Community Planning for a formal review.

STAGE FOUR: Public Consultation

The fourth stage includes public consultation with ratepayers for input. At this time formal written comments shall be submitted to the RM of Mervin and Community Planning about questions, comments and concerns ratepayers have.  Council shall take these written submissions into consideration prior to rendering any decision.

STAGE FIVE: Decision

The fifth stage is for proposals accepted by Council.  The application shall wait for approval and implementation discussions which will include the completion of servicing agreements.