Subsidized Tree Program 2023


2023 Subsidized Shelterbelt Tree Program Launch

HELP’s 2023 Subsidized Shelterbelt Tree Program – as per below the program has expanded to include 1,000,000 seedlings,10,000 potted saplings and is now available to any entity rural or urban who wishes to plant trees for any reason.

They have eight new highly qualified PhDs, MAs and BScs to assist you in addition to dedicated volunteer staff as well!

In addition to tree sales, their contract shelterbelt installation and drip irrigation services are available to everyone.  Their prominent customers include farmers, acreage owners, towns and RMs, local and Regional Parks, schools, conservation and community groups.

Some of the prominent purposes folks are planting trees include:

  • Yard Shelterbelts
  • Stream Margin Forest Buffers
  • Wildlife Habitat Plantings
  • Parks
  • School yards
  • Street Boulevards
  • Tree distributions by conservation groups,  municipalities, non-for-profits or companies to the public
  • Any other creative tree planting purpose
  • Phytoremediation applications including but not limited to:

o    salinity control around lagoons

o    tree caps for decommissioned landfill for leachate control

o    forest filters on flood plains below landfills

o    flanking roads and highways to stop winter white out events to improve public safety

o    effluent irrigation woodlots and much more


Great News about HELP Current Crop of Tree Seedlings

In response to supply chain concerns during Covid HELP embarked on a new strategy of over-producing tree stock and holding over tree seedlings into their second year prior to sale.  This ensures hardier stock than ever and means that for many varieties you are getting two year old seedlings for the price of one year olds.


New Sapling Production

In addition to 1,000,000 seedlings of diverse poplar, willow, evergreen and shrub varieties, HELP now has 10,000 saplings available in one liter to one gallon pots including: Tristis Poplar, Okanese Poplar, and Prairie Sky Poplar 3 to 5 feet two year old saplings and the majestic North West Poplar three year olds (up to 7 feet potted saplings) in addition to potted Laurel Leaf Willow, Golden Willow as well as three year old Scot’s Pine and White Spruce.

Three ways to order:

Keeping Tree Price Low

HELP continues to keep its tree prices lowest in Canada of any private or social enterprise not government supported. Our patented tree production system and HELP volunteers are key in keeping tree pricing low. In addition to low cost seedlings, our charity provides early bird discounts up to 6 %, plus 5% bonus trees over top of what you order and an additional 10% (payable in large generic willow) for pick up customers. So potentially 21 percent in bonuses and/or discounts.

HELP also provides free trees exclusively for habitat plantings (to Saskatchewan residents only) in collaboration with Game Bird Trust and Shand Greenhouse. These are only available for Saskatchewan pick up customers and can only be selected at the time of pick up.  No pre-ordering is available for these free habitat trees.


Uber-like Tree Deliveries

HELP pays pick up customers to carry and hand over shipping customer trees at or within 50 km of shipping customer destination. This allows trees to be delivered same day and allows full leaf trees to be transported in open container.

Our research unit continues production of longer root willows to enhance drought resistance.

Shelterbelt Planting Assistance

In addition to free website and telephone advice on shelterbelt planning, HELP provides on a contract basis shelterbelt planting, plastic film mulching with funnels at each tree, and turf grass installation as well as  drip irrigation across the three Prairie Provinces.

HRD News

I am proud to announce that, in addition to our volunteers, HELP International has added eight full time professional technicians possessing PhDs, MAs and B.Scs. These fine workers will help lead important research and meet rising demand for trees and tree planting services across the prairies.

In response to ever increasing demand for trees, HELP is increasing its tree stock with each passing year. `

HELP is extremely thankful to all prairie residents who continue to collaborate with us in vital tree planting.  This is an activity that increases the quality of life on the prairies for everyone adding aesthetic value, improved soil, air and water quality, improved public safety, habitat creation and much more.