RV Development Permit & MoU

Description:     The RM of Mervin requires  both the Permit & MoU to be completed and submitted for any lot with no existing dwelling (i.e., cabin, house) must submit a development permit application for only one (1) RV. This also applies to all locations with an existing RV on site. Application for more than one (1) RV is not allowed.

Where applying for an RV where there is no dwelling, the applicant shall complete the following:

  • Complete a Development Permit Application (currently a $200.00 application fee) and obtain approval prior to placement of an RV on the lot.
  • Agree to a Memorandum of Understanding which will include assurances to have the RV permanently removed by January 1, 2024, unless a dwelling has been constructed.
  • Any lot with an existing dwelling can have one (1) RV without submitting a permit. No additional long-term RVs will be allowed on site.

RV Development Permit and MoU


1. My RV has been on my lot for many years, so am I grandfathered in?

No, the Planning and Development Act, 2007 states that only approved developments are considered legal non-conforming when bylaws are updated and changed.  Approved developments where the applicant can provide written approval by the municipality for the RV will be considered legal non-conforming.  If an approved permit cannot be provided, then it is not considered legal non-conforming, or “grandfathered” in, and is illegal.

2. How did Council determine this amendment?

In the fall of 2017, the RM of Mervin Council requested a meeting with all organized Hamlet Boards within the municipality to discuss the concerns raised from ratepayers about the number of RVs on privately-owned lots.

Another amendment was put forward by Council regarding the operation of formal campgrounds within the municipality, and feedback was provided at this time by ratepayers about the placement of RVs on private residential lots.

Administration and staff have also been listening to concerns, questions, and comments put forward by ratepayers over the past number of years.

All this information was provided to Council for their consideration prior to making any decision on the amendment.

3.Why wasn’t I notified about this amendment?

At the meeting with the Hamlet Board in the fall of 2017, the Hamlet Boards were encouraged to update ratepayers at their Annual General Meetings the following year to inform ratepayers.

The Planning and Development Act, 2007 states that when an amendment is made to the Zoning Bylaw, the minimum notification required is the publication of the notice in a newspaper that circulates in the community for at least two (2) clear weeks before the public hearing.  The public notice date was May 28, 2018, and the public hearing date was June 26, 2018, with the newspaper advertisement placed in the North Battleford News Optimist.

The RM of Mervin also posted the notice on the website (www.rmofmervin.ca ) for increased notification.  Ratepayers that subscribe to the electronic notifications received an email from the municipality advising of the amendment change.  The promotion of the website, and the subscription option has been advertised in the RM’s newsletter since the inception of the website in 2011.

4. Why didn’t the RM inform me of this when I purchased my property?

The RM of Mervin is only advised of title transfers from property purchasing once the land transfer has been completed and a letter is received from the landowner’s legal counsel, or the Saskatchewan Management Assessment Agency.  It is the responsibility of buyers to complete individual research, and legal counsel and realtors to advise buyers of municipal zoning and regulations.

The RM of Mervin has actively attempted to inform all potential ratepayers of the rules and regulations regarding RV’s when calls were placed to the municipality inquiring about land purchases.

 5. How can this amendment be changed?

Changes to the adopted amendment can only be achieved through the adoption of another Zoning Bylaw amendment.  Council must complete first reading on a proposed amendment, and then proceed within the public notification procedures as outlined above.

6.Can I vote on this amendment?

No, only elected officials of the RM of Mervin have the authority to vote on Zoning Bylaw amendments as per the Planning and Development Act, 2007.

7. When date does my permit need to be submitted by?

All permits should be submitted no later than May 31, 2019 unless communication with the RM has allowed for an extension in submitting the RV Permit and MoU.

8. How much does the permit cost?

The placement of an RV on a lot with no dwelling is a discretionary use, which is currently a $200.00 non-refundable fee.

 9. What happens if I don’t submit a permit?

The RM of Mervin will be proceeding with enforcement procedures as per the Planning and Development Act, 2007. Where the RM becomes aware of land uses that are not in compliance with the bylaw, the landowners will be contacted directly for how to comply, or enforcement procedures will be initiated by Council.   This enforcement could result in the payment of a $5,000 per day fine for private ownership, and a $10,000 per day fine for corporate ownership, for the length of the continuing offense upon summary conviction.

 10. How is the RM going to enforce this?

The municipality has completed an initial inventory of properties to determine where RVs are currently on site, and there will be additional monitoring in upcoming months to ensure compliance with the Zoning Bylaw.  The RM also works closely with individual Organized and Unorganized Hamlet Boards about daily occurrences within hamlet areas, which ensures compliance to the bylaws.  Where the RM becomes aware of land uses that are not in compliance with the bylaw, the landowners will be contacted directly for how to comply, or enforcement procedures will be initiated by Council.

11. What happens if I sign the Memorandum of Understanding and build a dwelling by 2024? Do I need to remove my RV?

No, the RV can remain on site without the submission of a Development Permit Application.

 12. What will happen January 1, 2024 if I don’t build a dwelling?

The RV must be removed, and the land is to remain vacant until such a time that a dwelling is constructed.

The RM of Mervin has detailed lists of properties that currently have an existing principal dwelling on site. This list is updated yearly for all new construction. For those properties that applied for an RV but have not completed the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the RM will be contacting the landowner directly about conformance, which may result in enforcement.

 13. What if I sell my property in 2024, does the new landowner get another five (5) years to build a dwelling?

No, the grace period to accommodate the transition from RVs to dwellings ends in 2024.  All future landowners will be required to construct a cabin prior to the placement of an RV.

 14. My Hamlet Board has refused my attempts to build in the past, what can I do now?

Contact the RM of Mervin’s Municipal Planner at (306) 845-7333 or the office at (306) 845-2045 about permit procedures.  Hamlet Boards are advisory only, and the final decision-making authority lies with the RM of Mervin Council.  Discussions have already begun to rectify these inconsistencies with the Zoning Bylaw with the Hamlet Boards.

 15.What happens if I submit a permit for an RV, and want to replace it before 2024, do I need to put in a new permit?

Yes, each individual permit requires the submission of photos and registration or a bill of sale.  Any changes to this require the submission of a new permit with new information.

16. Do these amendments apply to the Agriculture and Hamlet Districts (i.e., Spruce Lake and Livelong)?

This amendment does not apply to Hamlet Districts, which include Livelong and Spruce Lake. This means RVs are not allowed.

Areas in the Agriculture District that are Single Parcel Country Residential Subdivisions are affected by these amendments and are required to put in permits.

Areas in the Agriculture District that have not been subdivided are subject to the amendment, but are not required to submit permits, unless the density of the RVs qualify for a campground, which then requires the submission of permits for that proposed use.

17. Do we have to build or have set plans to begin building by 2024?

No, building does not have to be started or completed. As per the Bylaw, a recreational vehicle and all accessory buildings shall be removed before January 1, 2024 unless there is an approved development permit for a residential principle use.

18. Will 2 RV’s be allowed on the lot?

No, 2 RV’s cannot be permitted for the same lot. As per the Bylaw, a maximum of one recreational vehicle may be on the lot where there is an existing principal residential dwelling.

19. Is a tent trailer considered a RV?

Yes, it is considered a RV. As per the Bylaw, Recreational Vehicle or RV shall mean a tent trailer, travel trailer, truck camper, fifth wheel trailer, motor home or other similar structure intended to provide temporary accommodation for travelers, tourists and campers.

20. Who needs to complete the RV Permit and MoU?

The owner of the RV is considered the applicant on the permit and the land owner is considered the registered owner. The RV owner and the land owner both need to sign off on the Permit and MoU.

For more information on the Bylaw please see below link:

Mervin Zoning Bylaw Consolidation. Bylaw 94-4 2019