RV Development Permit & MoU


Description:     The RM of Mervin requires  both the Permit & MoU to be completed and submitted for any lot with no existing dwelling (i.e., cabin, house) must submit a development permit application for only one (1) RV. This also applies to all locations with an existing RV on site. Application for more than one (1) RV is not allowed.
Where applying for an RV where there is no dwelling, the applicant shall complete the following:

  • Complete a Development Permit Application (currently a $200.00 application fee) and obtain approval prior to placement of an RV on the lot.
  • Agree to a Memorandum of Understanding which will include assurances to have the RV permanently removed by January 1, 2024, unless a dwelling has been constructed.
  • Any lot with an existing dwelling can have one (1) RV without submitting a permit. No additional long-term RVs will be allowed on site.

RV Development Permit and MoU